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Did Something Happen on August 8, 2014

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Speculations are on in the market that Google refreshed Panda on August 8, 2014. Some are saying that Google has refreshed Panda update on August 8 while others are saying neither Google has refreshed Google Panda nor it has brought any update. So, there is a controversy on this matter. The reason behind different views about the update in the market is because of Google’s denial to make any comment about the same.

There is a famous adage that where there is smoke, there is fire. So, whether Google says anything about August 8 update or not, I can say one thing confidently that something or the other has happened on this date in the world of internet marketing for sure; otherwise, experts would not have jumped into making claims and giving the lie of the claims of others.

What is your opinion about the significance of this date in the world of internet marketing? I would not comment about the significance of the update silently introduced by Google until I get any idea from RankingBySEO research team regarding the same. RankingBySEO research team is studying to find out the facts and for sure the team will soon uncover the truth in order to update its search engine optimization team to bring necessary changes in its search engine optimization service.

You may ask me why I am writing this blog with less or no information about the update. Well, I have an answer to this question. My aim behind writing this blog is to inform you about the running rumors in the world of internet marketing about August 8, so that you can also become active to find out the truth. If you have any worthy information about the update, feel free to reach us and let us know about the same.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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