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Be Alert: Google Can Penalize Your Website

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These days, speculations about Google’s penalty for over optimization are in limelight, as this will heavily impact on many websites’ future. Websites which are over optimized will be thrown on the last pages of the Google search results where no one would go to search for them, while well optimized websites will be promoted.

Google’s representatives have already alarmed the websites owners that Google would soon begin taking actions against over optimized websites, so all the websites owners should make sure their websites are not over optimized at all.

Friends, if you have any plan to optimize your website in near future, for god sake be careful about your website’s optimization to prevent it from Google’s penalty, otherwise instead of becoming beneficial, optimization would become curse for your website and will make your expectations from your website into dust.

To keep your website safe from the Google’s penalty, I let you know some methods, which you must check in course of your website’s optimization:

Make Sure Your Titles Are Authentic: The first fact you should take into account is titles. Your titles should sound real. You may put keywords in your titles, but that should not seem odd, and should seem necessary.

Make Sure Keywords Have Not Been Overstuffed: You can use over 2 to 3% keywords of your content’s overall length. Don’t put your keywords unnecessarily.

Make Sure There Should Be No Manipulative Internal Links: Interlinking your website’s internal pages through links is good, but don’t overdo it, otherwise your website will seem artificial. Furthermore, Google will count it as a part of over-optimization and will penalize your website for the same.

Make Sure Your Website Content is Original: You should make sure that your website has original content. In order to check this, you can use software such as If copied content is there on your website, software will let you know at once from which sources this content has been taken.

Make Sure You Have Exchanged Links Only With Relevant, Authoritative Websites: Links are counted as votes for your website. So, make sure you have exchanged links only with relevant and most authoritative websites. If the website from which you have exchanged your links is accustomed to foul practices in order to improve its traffic or Google search results ranking then Google will consider your website too culprit, as you have exchanged links with such a website. So, think ten times before exchanging links with any website.

Finally, I would say keeping these facts into your mind will help you to avoid over optimization. Nonetheless, you are recommended to consult an experienced website SEO company to get more comprehensive ideas on the subject.

Lalit Sharma

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