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Accepting Guest Posts? Follow These Guidelines…

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Create Guest Post Guidelines

If you want to save a lot of time explaining your expectations, and also increase the quality of guest posts you receive, then create a clear, crisp, guest post guideline.

If you’re not so good at writing guest post guidelines, then I’d advise you search for the term:

“guest post guidelines” in the search engines. Your Guideline should be unique. You could also use other blog’s guest post guideline as a guide. But don’t copy. That’s stealing. It’s called Plagiarism.

Learn To Appreciate, And Re-invite Talented Writers

Invite talented guest bloggers. If you’re impressed with a guest blogger’s writing skill, invite him to write another post. It’s a smart move. It’d help grow your blog, and spark up your blog traffic.

Let Writers Upload Their Guest Posts

If you want to save time formatting and uploading guest posts, create a WordPress account for each writer. Use the User role editor for this purpose. But if you’d prefer uploading your content yourself, you can still save time by specifying information such as acceptable Title tags, formatting, and image types in your guest post guidelines

Make Your Link Policy Clear…

You should add your link policy to your guest post guidelines.

Guest blogging should be mutually beneficial for both the guest blogger and the blog owner.

Guest writers are typically looking to broaden their exposure and boost quality backlinks to their blog pages. To encourage them to contribute quality content, allow at least, 1 or 2 dofollow links in the author bio. This is important

Tip: limit the number of links allowed in the body of a post.

Your link policy should be visible—to scare spammers and fluffy SEO agencies away…

Invite Top Guest Bloggers…

If you want to build your blog through guest blogging, you should consider contacting the top blog owners in your niche. Hang out with them on social media, and send a polite email asking them to contribute to your blog. The worst reply you’ll get is a NO. And most, won’t say NO if you approach them the right way.

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