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4 Free SEO Tools For Checking Backlinks

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If you’re a busy online business owner like I am, you’ll agree with me that SEO is quite a daunting task.

SEO is a labor intensive task, but the good news is that, there’re a lot of free SEO tools that will make it easier for you to select keywords, manage backlinks, check backlinks, and track the performance of your website.

Without mincing words, here’s a list of some of the best free SEO tools for checking backlinks

Free Backlink Checkers

Majestic SEO

If you’re well vast with SEO, you should have used the Majestive SEO tool.

What is Majestic SEO?

It’s a backlink profiling tool which allows users to see where their links come from, numbers of bad backlinks they have, anchor text, and a wide range of other useful SEO information. Another similar site like Majestic SEO is Quantcast (more on this later).

The beautiful thing about Majestic SEO is that it provides an indicator of how trustworthy a domain is.

Tip: you must sign up as a registered user to have unlimited access to this site.

And ho, I forgot to tell you this. Majestic SEO is free for verified domains….

Link Diagnosis

Link Diagnosis is a free tool which makes use of data provided by Open site explorer to provide visual reports.

Tip: performs better if you access using Mozilla Firefox.

The Link diagnosis tool works best if you access using the Mozilla Firefox. The Firefox browser is free to download, and it’s very easy to install.


Tip: free to check up to 100 verified domains

This is a free SEO tool which allows you to access and perform bulk link checks. If you’re new to this SEO platform, you could use their free version. With the free version, you can check up to 100 domains at a time, for free.

Mozcheck Bulk Link Checker Features

  • You must create a free account
  • No charge for basic accounts
  • Best used if you upgrade as a premium user
  • Check up to a million links per month (premium service)
  • Ability to download lists as CSV files
  • Multi user access

Open Site Explorer

This is a specially designed link checking tool powered by Mozscape index.

Its basic features include domain authority, link count, and page authority—and the beautiful thing about this tool is that, it’s available for free to all users.

Tip: for more advanced features like social network data or domain authority metrics, you need to upgrade. I mean, pay a subscription fee (which is very affordable).


Here are 4 link checking tools at your disposal. Start using them! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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