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3 Critical SEO Techniques to Boost Your Local Business

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Panda, Penguin, and Pigeon in tandem have made a big impact on online business world, especially on local businesses. Where the first two have impacted online business world globally, the last one has aimed at local businesses. Panda and Penguin aim at sites with quality content and links being promoted. And Pigeon paves the way for several new search engine optimization techniques, making some old techniques obsolete and ineffective.

Now, local directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Local get more importance by the search engine when it comes to generate local search results in response to any query.

So, if you are a local business house and want to use web for your business growth, think seriously about carrying out below mentioned local SEO strategies:

No Inconsistency on the Web:

Google is now quite serious to de-index local businesses having presence on the web with contradictory information or information difficult to be verified. Google wants to see only local businesses with precise and easily-available information in its search results, as this will help Google to maintain or better its image in the eyes of its users, which is quite necessary for Google to stand far ahead from its competitors in business competition.

So, Zeroing in on searching for all existing mentions of your business on the web and creating your new profiles on all high-quality local business directories is something that is quite important for you in today’s state of affairs.

The first step is to quest for all existing mentions of your business on the internet. I know this is not going to be easy, but you will have to do this if you want favor from Google for your business. Check them all sincerely to make sure they all have the similar information. If you see any disagreement in the information available on various sites, just follow necessary steps to end this disagreement.

Now, it is time to begin your search for new local directories on the web. To make the search convenient and less time consuming, you can take help of any of the tools available for this very purpose. Finding tools will not be a bit difficult for you, there are many companies which provide software. Make sure you have business profiles on Google+, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and UrbanSpoon. These are high authority local directories which can play major role in boosting up your sales.

Quantity matters very much, so the more profiles you create, the better it would be for your business. But, consistency should not break anywhere, ensure this.

If you ever change your business name, address, or contact detail, do update the information across the web so that there should be no inconsistency on the web in context of information available about your business.

For better response, you can add your press releases and blogs to the profiles, as this will help you convey your business message to your target audience more effectively.

Appealing Images and Videos:

Visuals speak more than words and leave an unforgettable mark in one’s heart. I don’t think you have dissimilar outlook. When you are traveling somewhere and you get a magazine to get rid of the boredom, then what you like to read- an article filled with texts only or an article filled with appealing photos? I know your answer; you ignore the article with texts only and go for the article published with beautiful images. Don’t think this happens to you only; this happens with almost everyone. Google has also very well become conversant with this human instinct and so the search engine provides more value to pages with appealing images and videos. It does not mean that you update only images and videos and post no texts at all. This will be a negative practice. This will go against your business. Images and videos can only create an interest in people to spend some time on the webpage. But, they cannot influence anyone to buy your products. For this, you will need texts, which must be appealing in nature.

YouTube can do a great help to you, so don’t forget to add your business videos on this website. Owned by Google, YouTube has billions of users. It ranks high in the list of websites having huge number of web visitors. Uploading videos on this site, with proper description about your business, will really help your business a lot to reach your target audience. So, don’t miss the site at all.

Besides YouTube, sign up websites like Flickr, Photobucket, and Smugmug. These are some of the sites that can be your best companions to help you step up on the success path.

Quality Website:

The above-mentioned techniques will help you get traffic to your website from different sources. If you want direct traffic to your website through Google, it is quite essential for you to check the quality of your website. Thin content, poor link, and low uploading speed are the things that irritate the search engine very much. Check these all immediately. If you have uploaded duplicate content or low quality content on your website, just remove the same immediately and put original, well-written, and well-informed content on your website. For links, take help of Disavow tool. And the last thing which is uploading speed of your website is not in your hands, for this, you will need to approach your web designer.

How the world of local SEO is changing and how can you run your online business promotion campaign effectively, keeping pace with the latest Google updates? If these are your questions, reach our SEO experts, who always keep themselves updated to quench the inquisitiveness of business people.

Though your queries will be answered impressively once you phone or email our SEO professionals, I would want to inform you an important fact about search engine optimization that its basic principles are the same, as it were before. No change has been made in them. The difference can be seen just in way of forming strategies and their execution.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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