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Why Reputation Matters?

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What matters the most for you in your life: money or reputation? I know most of you people will say both. I agree with most of you on this point but if you ask for my personal opinion, I would say that both have their own significance in life. But, reputation leads over money. With small money and good reputation, you can have a peaceful, pleasant life. But, having a lot of money but no reputation, you will find the world a bizarre place where no one will show an interest to stand or talk with you, except people or organizations getting benefited from you.

So, I think the happiest person in the world is one who enjoys money and reputation together. Reputation is one of the most vulnerable things in this world. It takes plenty of years to build reputation but takes less than a fortnight to destroy it completely.

What is The Biggest Threat to Your Reputation?

The emergence of the internet has become the biggest threat to your reputation. Why? The internet is a free public platform that lets every individual post anything about anybody/thing. One can post anything about you on the web without disclosing one’s real identity and you would not be able to know who did this against you.

How to Check Your Reputation is at Stake?

Google your name frequently and see search results. If there is nothing negative about you, you need not worry; but if there is anything negative, it is time for you to be active on the internet to get rid of that negative result(s).

How to Repair and Polish Your Online Reputation?

So far, you must have understood why your online reputation matters, so if you see anything negative against you then follow given ideas to repair and polish your online reputation.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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