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What to Do if Not Getting Expected Response from Your WordPress Blog

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Are you not getting expected response from your WordPress blog: your blog is getting neither expected rankings in Google search results nor expected traffic? If you don’t have any other word to answer the question except ‘yes’, I would say it is high time for you to check 7 things.

The Name of Your Webpage: 

Check whether you have put the targeted keyword in the name of your webpage or not? Why? The reason is that Google considers those web pages more relevant in which targeted keywords are used in the name of the pages.

WordPress Plugins:

See whether you have used WordPress plugins in your blog or not. If you have not used anyone, use some or the other. Why? Use of WordPress plugins helps you improve search engine rankings as well as traffic to your blog. Some of the plugins that you might use are Scribe, WordPress SEO, and Inbound Writer.

XML Sitemap:

An XML sitemap lets Google know how often you update your blog with new content. If you don’t have the XML sitemap, Google might miss some of the important pages, during crawling, of your blog. Therefore, you must create an XML sitemap for your blog if you have not created it yet.

Google authorship: 

Do you know what Google authorship is? When you search something on Google and Google shows you somebody’s picture together with the search results, you name this Google authorship.

You must check whether you have set up Google authorship on your blog or not? If you don’t have set up this yet, you should do it immediately. You can do this manually by linking your authors to their Google + page.

Link Building:

Check the quality of links built for your website. Remove those all links immediately which are of poor quality.

Page Indexing:

It is of no use to index those pages that don’t contain any valuable information. Check all indexed web pages and remove those pages which you think don’t contain any worth reading information for your target audience.

Remove Poor Quality Content:

Remove poor quality content that contains your worthy keywords. The poor quality content is liked by neither Google nor readers. Therefore, remove that content immediately.

I’m pretty sure taking care of these aforementioned ideas will help you obtain rankings as well as traffic, so implement the ideas and let us know how these ideas worked for you. Share your views in the form of remarks…

Lalit Sharma

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