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The Truth About 4 New SEO Myths

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One of the major challenges that SEO presents before SEO professionals is that it lacks clarity. The search engines have kept their algorithms quite unclear due to which most of the SEO professionals struggle to help their clients obtain top search results rankings and genuine web traffic.

The search engines often tune their algorithms that bring changes in search results. If you go through the web or communicate with several SEO professionals about SEO and search engine algorithms, you would come to know that many of them are unclear and have several myths in their mind regarding the search engine algorithm and search engine optimization.

With an aim to help you in this matter, I would like to tell you here about some myths that most of the SEO professionals believe in.

Guest Blogging is No More Beneficial:

Since Matt Cutts, head of search spam team of Google, introduces an update about guest blogging and said “stick a fork in it”, most of the SEO professionals believe that guest blogging is no more beneficial for their purpose, but they are completely wrong. You can still get benefits from your guest posts but for the same it is necessary that you write well-informed guest posts focusing on the requirements of probable readers, and post them on high authority blogs without thinking about links. If you write for links only, believe me guest blogging cannot help your SEO campaign anymore. But, if you do for providing information, it would certainly help achieve what exactly you want from it. So, do guest blogging smartly and see how it benefits you.

Link Building Has Lost Its Relevance:

Many SEO professionals say that link building is no more worthy for grabbing top search results rankings in Google, but it can cause penalty from the side of the search engine. If you also believe the same, I would say you have a misconception in your mind. Search engines consider links as votes. The more votes your website has, the better visibility it will have in Google search results. However, one thing that has changed completely about link building is that now irrelevant links, paid links, and links from spamming sites don’t work at all.  Links from high authority content sites really work. Besides, you should not forget to check Google updates and use disavow tool frequently.

PPC Has Replaced SEO:

Many SEO professionals who are not succeeding in getting better response from their SEO campaigns for their clients have started creating rumor that SEO is dead and Pay Per Click has taken its place. I would like to tell you that it is an utter nonsense statement. Google has not declared anywhere so far that SEO is no more beneficial for obtaining Google rankings; Google has not said that it denies SEO and promote PPC, so how one can claim such thing and if someone says such thing, one needs to show the proof.

AuthorRank Helps In Rankings:

Google announced in June 2011 that its authorship markup would help your content obtain better visibility in Google search results. However, little evidence is available so far that it is really helping in gaining high visibility.

Lastly, I would say that SEO is not a game, it is a serious art; it is the science. You cannot believe in anything until you get proofs because with conceptions you can succeed but with misconceptions you can never.

Lalit Sharma

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