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Social Signals Don’t Help In Google Rankings

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You might have heard this several times from many digital marketing professionals that social signals benefit your website in Google rankings. Social signals help your website in making a big jump in search results, reaching page one, and obtaining a better position on that page. This may shock you, but since this is true, I would want to make you know this here that social signals don’t help your website’s rankings in Google search results at all. It is not I who is saying this, but John Mueller, Google executive, has to say this.

As per John Mueller, Google does not consider social signals while determining rankings of any website in Google search results. However, Google values and consider the content that you share on various social networking sites with no-follow links.

John Mueller has said this in a video that he released to answer a question asked about the relevance of social signals for organic rankings in Google.

If you want to hear what John Mueller has to say about Social signals and social share of content, just click on the play button given on video added with this blog.

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