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Why Some Sites Are in Top Search Results Even If They Are Not Optimized?

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When can the sites rank high on Google even though they are not optimized? How can the sites remain within the top results without a single backlink? Let us now reveal the answer with the following reasons.

Click Through Rates: Google’s algorithm may be partly dependent on the click through rates. The rates can be easily calculated by the percentages which show the total number of clicks that has been obtained from the total number of people who are searching for the particular phrase you are ranking for.

Higher the percentages of the click through rates, the more attractive your website listing will appear compared to your competition. When you get higher click through rates beating your competitors, Google will slowly push your site up in the top results.

Google algorithm not only depends on the click through rates for increasing the rank of your site, it also calculates the bounce rate. Sometimes, the Meta description and the tags can be created in a deceptive manner just to attract the traffic. However, once visitors will realize that the site does not answer their queries, they will leave. The bounce rate will therefore show whether the target audience felt interested in the site or they bounced back immediately from the site. This particular rate will reveal the number of people who have used the back button and returned to the SERP immediately. According to a study, if 1000 visitors have returned from a site, it shows that the web page is really not relevant.

So for the sites to rank high on Google listing, high click through rates and low bounce rates are a must. These factors are also helpful in maintaining the position in the search engine results page.

When you want to observe the click through rates of your site, you can simply log in to your webmaster tools to see the profile of your site. If you do not possess any site profile, you can add it to the webmaster tool and then wait for few days before gaining the results.

Cross Linking: Another reason for the increased ranks can be the cross linking. Though your site does not have the effective on page SEO or the high quality backlinks, it can increase its rank by cross linking the pages. It is not only necessary for the breadcrumbs or navigational purposes, but it is also useful from the overall on-page SEO perspective. If the internal links can be added throughout your site using the cross linking methods, you can definitely notice an increase in your rank. On the other hand, if you have not interlinked the pages, you can observe that some of the pages are ranking high, but some others have failed to get the attention of Google. The main reason can be that the authority and the link juice are not distributed throughout the site.

Competition: Some keywords of your site may be very low in competition. These low competitive search terms are not used frequently. Therefore, the result pages of those low competitive terms are not frequently updated by Google. The algorithm will definitely focus more on the resources which are popularly searched.

Backlinks: Google will not only observe the number of backlinks. It will also count the authority and the relevancy of the site. The non optimized sites can rank well with a few high quality backlinks indicating to the right web pages. For example, you may have very few backlinks, but if they can be obtained from the extensions of the .edu and .gov sites, then your site can easily secure a top rank.


Besides possessing the right backlinks, the sites can also have the anchor text for the links. Most of the SEO experts think that you are required to have rich anchor text links for the higher ranking, but in the real case it is not actually true.

Google can easily observe the web pages that are linking to you and can check the relevancy of those sites as well. Therefore, it can easily determine whether the site is appropriately ranked or not according to the relevancy factor.

Quality of Content: After the introduction of the Panda update, Google can easily determine the content quality of any website. It can check whether the site is possessing duplicate content or not. It not only checks your site, but compares the content with other competitors.  Google gives importance to the quality content that can be useful in the long run.

Age: Most of the sites which are ranked high must be few years old. In some cases, the older sites may have large quantity of content as well as backlinks as they are around for a long time. New sites, though adding high quality content and backlinks in large number, will not be able to overcome the age factor and the older sites will definitely rank high in this case. You are required to provide some time until your site gets old. Larger number of traffic keeps coming in when your site is 5-10 years old. But you should keep improving your site for maintaining the position.

Growth Rate: If you want a high rank for a specific keyword, you will definitely go for high quality backlinks as well as content, right? Though this strategy always provides positive results, but sometimes the webmasters grow their links so fast that they seem unnatural. Google is smart enough to understand the links which are growing naturally. It can also recognize when black hat techniques are employed to boost backlinks.

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When the sites are not well optimized but are still ranking high in the listings, there can be various reasons behind it. Some of the essential reasons are mentioned above.

Therefore, the next time when you wonder why your site is not getting a good rank on the SERP, remember that it can be because of one or more reasons from the list.

So, as the owner of your website you should always focus on the improvement of your site. In the long run, the sites with the best products and services are very likely to win the race.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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