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Quality Content: The Key to Fighting with Penguin and Panda Updates in 2015

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Google is accustomed to making organizations cry through shifts in the rankings of websites in it search results. But, taking a jibe at Google for this would be injustice with this organization. Google does not do this with any malicious intention. Like other companies want to make their customers satisfied, Google wants to make its users satisfied. Like other companies take measures for this, Google also takes measures for this. The search engine often introduces new algorithms and algorithm refreshes to better the quality of its search results and provide the users perfect search results in terms of their queries. As the updates aim at bringing excellence in the search results, major or minor changes are seen once any update is brought.

Penguin and Panda are the two major updates that scare most of the webmasters. These updates make them weep by tumbling down their websites in Google search results or throwing them out of search results. If you are a webmaster and you don’t want to cry because of Google algorithm changes or arrivals, you need to follow Google guidelines for SEO strictly.

Here, I would want to tell you about two major Google updates that make most of the webmasters anxious and they are not other than Panda and Penguin updates. Before informing how you can protect your website from the negative effects of these two major Google algorithms, I would like to brief you about them.


Released in February 2011, Panda has become a major Google update. So far, Google has introduced many of its updates. By this update, Google aims at serving quality content to its users. Many biggies whose name is taken with quite respect in the market have suffered a lot because of Google Panda and its updates.


Introduced in April 2012, Penguin is another big algorithm of Google, which has made businesses cry in a large number. Google has brought many versions of this update. This update aims at hitting the rankings of those sites which are involved in link spamming.

Why these Two Updates are Major Updates:

Google has introduced several algorithms and their updates, so why these two matter the most – this question might perturb to anyone? These updates created big noise with their introduction in online business world and affected businesses of a big number of sites. How? It is because most of the websites were either involved in content spamming or link spamming. Interestingly, many were there which were entailed in both kinds of spamming activities in a bid to exploit opportunities available in online business world. So, whenever either of these updates are introduces, a big noise is felt in the market.

How Can You Protect Your Website from These Updates in 2015?

Quality content, quality, and quality content. This is the best answer that I have to your question. Surprised to listen to this? Anyone may get surprised, but it is a reality that quality content can provide you a protection against these updates.

How Quality Content Would Protect Your Website from Panda Update:

Panda targets those websites which webmasters use low quality content for their websites and their promotion. If you write quality content, there is no chance that this Google update would hit your site. What is meant by quality content? Content must be original, well-informed, and well-written. When you have to publish your content, make sure you are publishing the same on high authority sites only.

How Quality Content Would Protect Your Site from Penguin Update:

Links are essential to gain high visibility and traffic to your website, as Google considers links being the votes in favor of a website. The more links you have to your website, the better visibility and web traffic your website will get. But, now you need to change your link strategy to avoid penguin penalty.

Use quality content to get links to your website. Share content on high authority sites and blogs, and add a link to your website from each write-up that you post. Moreover, share that post to social networking sites and invite people to read and share the post. This would enhance the number of links to your site and the credibility of the content for Google that will help your website’s rankings as well as traffic.

Some other methods are also there that would help you get links which to your website and protect your website from penalty for violating the terms and conditions of Penguin updates, for those methods, you will have to converse with our expert SEO professionals who are always ready to assist you.

Summing up the blog, I would say quality content can protect your website from these disastrous Google updates and help your website enjoy better visibility and web traffic that will help you fulfill your aim with which you have jumped into online business world. So, be focused on quality content in 2015 for better response from your online business.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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