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Now Your Tweets Will Appear in Google Search Results

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How would you feel if you tweet something and that appears in top search results of Google? Just this assumption might fill your heart with amazement and tons of excitement – I am quite sure about this. But, I know your response also – you will be thinking why Google will show your tweets in its search results and what a great dream writer has shown to you. But, friend, there is nothing fictitious in this. This is going to happen with your tweets in next couple of months. In near future, you will notice what you tweet comes in top search results of Google.

How would this happen? This would happen because of the deal signed between Google and Tweeter recently. As per the reports, within the first half of 2015 this would start happening. Earlier Google would crawl Twitter for new information, as it would do with other websites. With this pact, Google is now able to access to Twitter data.

It is not like that this is going to happen for the first time; if you look back in 2009, you would find that Google would do this automatically. The deal expired in 2011; its renewal could not materialize because of Twitter’s then-CEO, who wanted more control over the social network’s content. Now, this deal has become possible because of the present chief executive officer of Twitter, who wants tweets of its users to have better visibility.

If business analysts are believed, this is a win-win deal for both of the biggies of online business world. As nothing has officially been said about the deal from either of the companies involved in the deal, it would be wrong to say more about the pact and better to wait till this pact is materialized.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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