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Matt Cutts Forbids Copying of Content

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Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, criticizes the practice of copying content from different sources and stitching them together to create an article or blog and cautious online marketers to avoid this practice at any cost if they want to see their website in top Google’s rankings.

It has been observed that many writers steal small portions of content from different websites and put them all together to create the article or the blog for their clients. They do this because they either lack creativity or they have scarcity of time. But, for this mistake, Google punishes the websites for which those blogs/articles are used.

Therefore, if you don’t want to suffer in your online business, don’t try to promote your business with duplicate articles and blogs. I know, at this point of time, many questions would be there in your mind. So, I have brought some points for you with a hope that they would answer most the questions that you have in your mind.

How to Avoid Use of Duplicate Content for Your Business Promotion: 

You have two options to avoid the possibility of use of duplicate content for your promotion: write yourself or hire a credible content writing professional. Writing original piece of content every time may not be possible for you. I’m not suspecting your abilities. I’m saying this for two reasons: 1. you are not a professional writer; 2. you may not have so much time to think new ideas every time for a new piece of content. So, the best way to get quality content would be hiring a professional writer.

How to Check Whether Content is Copied or Not:

Create your personal blog and take the article or blog that your writer has given you for review. Now, upload the article/blog on your blog and then put the URL in copyscape.com. The part of the content that would be copied, copyscape.com would show that in red. So, this way you would be able to recognize whether the content is original or not.

If you have any more question in your mind about content duplicity or if you want to know more about content writing and marketing, contact us.


Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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