Is Google Illogically Promoting Itself in Its Search Results?

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Google is running its monopoly. It is showing unreasonable search results. It is the  claim of Yelp. Recently, an internal data of Yelp has been surfaced and as per the data, Google have been promoting its reviews when someone specifically searches for Yelp reviews.

As per the internal data, when someone searches for the term ‘Gary Danko Yelp’ on Google, the search engine shows Google reviews before Yelp reviews in the search results. What is this Gary Danko? It is amongst one of the most famous restaurants of San Francisco. Yelp has a snapshot of the search results as a proof.

Google Search Results

Seeing these results, anyone would raise a question regarding the credibility of Google search results. Why I should talk about others, I also had a question regarding the same. But, when I checked the name of various America based restaurants, in order to check the truth myself, I did not find the revelation of Yelp internal data truth anymore.

Here, I would like to show you the search results of Google for the very same term that Yelp has mentioned to raise a question on the credibility of Google. When I typed the key phrase ‘Gary Danko Yelp’ , Google shown me following search results, which does not have Google reviews on the top position of search results.

Google Search Results After

These results are against the claims of Yelp, but it does not mean that the internal data of Yelp is showing wrong information. Maybe Google have stopped promoting its reviews in order to avoid any kind of criticism against it, as such criticism can create a question on the credibility of its search results.

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