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Google Suggestions Helpful for Users but Trouble for the Search Engine Itself

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Many times it happens that we want to search for something on Google, but we don’t know how to search for that specific thing; we don’t know what we should type to find the exact results for our query. Google suggestions are really very much helpful in this regard. They give us suggestions that mostly resolve our problem.

Dramatically, the Google suggestions work as troubleshooter for search engine users, but they are really trouble causing for the giant search engine itself. Don’t be surprised! It’s not a joke but a bitter reality. Google has fallen in troubles for many times just because of its suggestions.

Recently, Google suggestions caused a trouble for the search engine in UK. Google suggestions were giving many offensive and objectionable suggestions in its search boxes that could outrage people. When people would type ‘Why is Bradford’ in the search box, the search engine would say a phrase ‘Why is Bradford so full of P****’. It was the one example that I’ve given you. If you had searched for Google UK a few days ago, you could have multiple such examples. As the issue came into light and started creating trouble for Google, the search engine removed the racist and other offensive suggestions from the list of the suggestions.

A few months ago, Google Germany was in trouble for showing defamatory language next to individual names in its search box suggestions. The search engine was sued for the same and was ordered to remove the defamatory language by the honorable court.

In 2012, anti-racism groups in France dragged Google in court over its anti-Semitic search suggestions. Again, Google was ordered to remove the anti-Semitic search suggestions.

Once, there was a row against Google over its offensive search suggestions against women.

I appreciate Google’s attempt to be user friendly, but I would request Google authorities to not be insensitive towards things that are not in favor of our society.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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