Google PageSpeed Will Soon Be A Thing of Past!

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Google PageSpeed Will Soon Be A Thing of Past!

Google PageSpeed

Google PageSpeed, which has been favorite tool for many webmasters and SEO professionals, will sleep forever in August, as Google, the service owner, has announced to discontinue this service. To those, who are unfamiliar to this service, I would say this is a free online service to speed up their web pages.

Leaving its past habit of not saying anything officially about any introduced or discontinued algorithms, Google has properly explain the reason which has intended the search engine to make the update sleep forever. As per Google, this is the time for the PageSpeed Service team to re-focus their efforts elsewhere.

If you are using PageSpeed service, change the DNS before August 3, 2015; otherwise, your website will become completely inaccessible on Google.

If you have become disappointed because this service will be unavailable from August, some good news is here for you that several alternatives to this service are available in the market, so you need not worry about its disappearance.

What are the available alternatives?

Below is the depiction of some of the alternatives to Google PageSpeed Service.

Provider Hosted Page Speed:

Several hosting services providers have already integrated PageSpeed, and if your existing service provider has also done the same, you need not worry. However, if the provider has not done so, just change the provider quickly. How can you judge this? You can judge this just by checking service provider’s documentation.

Server Side Modules:

Various PageSpeed modules are there for various common web servers. If you have your own web server, you may install any of these.

Cloud Based Alternatives:

If you do not want to discontinue with cloud-based product, Squixa and Edge Cast Edge Optimizer both integrate Google PageSpeed with CDN offerings.

You can read what exactly Google has said on

Image source: Google PageSpeed

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