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Google Juno Blizzard Is Coming!

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Google Juno Blizzard is coming to influence the web based business world. Have you heard of Google Juno Blizzard before? Oh, Sorry! How can you hear of this, as this is under-construction? What is this, Google Juno Blizzard? This is an algorithm which Google is designing in order to better the quality of its search results.

Don’t ask me how, as no one knows what to say in reply. This soon expected algorithm has become a hot topic of debate amongst the webmasters and SEO professionals. Everyone is defining this under-construction update as per his/her own thought process. Some are speculating it being related with link; some, with content. The most bizarre fact is that no one is confident about what he/she is saying.

Rather than making an unconfident prediction about the Google Juno Blizzard, about which I don’t know anything except it aims at improving the search engine results quality, I would love to keep a finger on my lips for seeing what kind of algorithm Google introduces and whether that algorithm is powerful like other major updates Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird or it is a minor update that does not create any big impact on the fortune of online business players.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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