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Google: Don’t Expect Penguin Refresh In Near Future

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Penguin and Panda are two most powerful weapons of Google to deal with spamming and spammers, whenever they are used, a cry like sound can be felt in the online business world, as spammers found themselves nowhere in the business competition race, so they begin to take a dig at the Google.

Recently, Google’s Gary Illyes has given link building spammers a reason to smile by saying that Google is not going to introduce Penguin refresh anywhere soon, so they can now do link spamming for a couple of months with no fear of punishment. This update is months and months away, as Google is working on real time penalty and removal plan.

However, once Google brings this update, link building will become a challenge for the spammers. They will have only one option – either they will have to leave spamming and follow link-building guidelines of Google or they will have to leave the industry and think about other business options. Why am I saying this? This is because once this update happens Google will penalize your site as you build any link, violating Google guidelines. So, spamming will become almost impossible with this update.

Do not think that Google is strict about those only who are involved in link building spamming. The search engine is strict to uproot content spamming as well. The search engine wanted to use its another powerful weapon, Panda, against content spammers a few weeks ago, but due to some technical reasons, it could not materialize. Now, Google might use it against spammers in next couple of weeks.

Moral of The Story for Spammers:

Leave spamming if serious about your future in internet marketing business world.

Moral of The Story for Web Masters:

Before hiring SEO or link building services from any Internet marketing company, be sure that the company does not apply any spam tactic that might reverse the direction of the performance-indicating arrow, from upward to downward.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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