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Getting More out of your Video – Tips to win with Video marketing

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To attract eyeballs of your customers and to reach target people smartly, the role of an excellent video is absolutely unquestionable, but search engine optimization professionals often seen scratching their head while thinking of how to use this powerful tool of marketing in their link building. So, here we go! Let’s brainstorm some of our latest findings in effective video link building techniques and strategies.

Okay, the first thing first, before we get into some heavy weight discussions of video link building, let’s have a quick remind on the benefits of video content from SEO perspective.

As we all know, when Google crawler visits a website it looks for a number of indicators including quality of the page, keywords, subject relevance, neighborhood websites etc., and interestingly multimedia content add some good value to these metrics. Not just a piece of gorgeous/educational video help getting extra value to that page, but it also increased higher per page visit time. Let’s take example of an e-commerce website, surveys say presence of product videos and expert reviews/interviews on individual product pages increase sales by 40%.

So now, how to use a video in link building strategies:

Creating Title, description for your video:Use your best stills in blog writing here to develop catchy title and description for your video. Don’t miss to use keyword in title and description in them properly. Also keep in mind that many people also use the word ‘video’ at the end of their search, so using that word in your video title will also help you keep your video one-step ahead in search engine. One last thing, use the description of your video as meta-description of your website.

Creating video sitemap: when the number of your published videos will become higher then it will be important to manage things so that Google can index them easily and here a video sitemap will help you better.

Keep your videos sharable: Sharing is caring, undoubtedly; so keep all of your videos sharable so that if your videos are really helpful then it can help the masses by sharing. And in that way you will be benefited with lots of traffic and free links.

Keep comments on: Comments let Google crawler understand that people are showing interest in your videos and therefore it starts giving more value to your videos.

Distribute your videos through lot of video portals: Sticking only to Youtube or Vimeo is not enough to run a viral campaign for your video; you should distribute the video through myriad of video service portals out there, so that people from all around the world can find your videos easily.

If you’re aggressive to get quality traffic to your website and/or to sell your product faster then these video marketing tips will undoubtedly help you out. We’ll come back with more internet marketing tips on later posts.

Lalit Sharma

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