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Don’t Obliterate Your Webpages!

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Has your website been penalized by Google? Are you thinking over deleting those webpages from your site, which appear unnecessary or less important to you so as to improve the quality of your site’s content and get rid of Panda penalty? If yes, leave this idea straight away, as this is not going to benefit you at all.

Content is the king, so the more content you add to your website, the better visibility you can assume in Google search results. However, you need to check the quality of your webpages since Panda takes action on those sites only, which have duplicate or poor quality content. The best way to cope up with this penalty is you remove the content of every page and put original, high quality, persuasive content instead. Having done this, send a reconsideration request to Google and for sure, your site will get rid of penalty and gain better ranking than before. Maybe after doing this, you will again see your site in Google search results. If this does not happen, you may send a reconsideration request to Google for removal of the penalty.

Google also considers this to be a bad idea of deleting webpages and says they do not recommend any webmaster to delete any webpage when their website gets Google Panda penalty. The search engine advises webmasters to fix the content and make it of high quality.

To those webmasters, whose sites have not been penalized by Google for poor content, I would like to share an important fact here that they need to check the quality of their web content right away if they do not want Google to penalize their website in future. A recently released study report has revealed that nearly 29% site have duplicate content, so reviewing the website will allow them to ensure they don’t come in the list of that 29%. The webmasters who see duplicate content need to take immediate actions to make their websites clean.

Abhishek Kumar Srivastava

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