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7 SEO Tools For Start-Up Business And Individuals

Posted in : SEO Tools

SEO is a popular marketing approach which every business strives to implement as it is easy and inexpensive. However, this strategy is not to be as a just a by-the-way because it requires time, skills, effort and expertise in order to achieve the ful..

Effective Online Marketing Strategies for Businesses with a Limited Budget

Posted in : Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you don’t have a lot of money for online marketing, you might feel like your chances of succeeding are bad. The truth is, when it comes to online marketing, your budget does not matter that much. What really matters is the strategies you use t..

6 Points You Need to Know for Successful A/B Testing

Posted in : Conversion Rate Optimization

In online marketing, it is crucial to know what is working and what is pulling you back. It is only with this information that you will be able to optimize performance and maximize profits. One of the best ways of determining the performance of your ..

How to Create a Successful Brand Strategy

Posted in : Reputation Management

Branding is important for the success of any business. Your brand is what your customers will associate with before considering your products or services. If the brand is unknown or if the brand has had a bad reputation, you will not be able to achie..

Why Using a Conversion Optimization Strategy is better than Tactics

Posted in : Conversion Rate Optimization

In online marketing, there are two types of marketers; those that focus on optimizing conversion rates and those who focus on following the best practices and improving their metrics. If you just set up your online store/business, you will start by b..

5 Tips for Calculating ROI for Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Posted in : Content Marketing

The formula for calculating return on investment (ROI) goes like this: total revenue minus total expenses equals ROI. However, when it comes to return on investment in content marketing, it is not easy to tie your work to the revenue numbers. The bes..

What you need to know about Persona Development in SEO

Posted in : Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With the growing knowledge about SEO, many people believe that the main reasons why any business would invest in search engine optimization is to generate more traffic, create more leads and promote the brand identity to name a few. I believe that th..

What does link building look like in 2016?

Posted in : Link Building

Building links has been a hot topic for a very long time now. How do you link your website to others with content that is similar to yours or something you want your readers to check out? It is a very simple task, but only if you know what you are do..

Essential PPC Tips for Continuous Return on Investment

Posted in : Pay Per Click

PPC is one of the best methods you can use to expose your brand to interested consumers. With this strategy, you bid on a keyword that your target audience type into search engines so that a related ad is displayed. This helps draw attention to your ..

6 Effective Ways for Integrating Social Media to Your Blog

Posted in : Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media

With the popularity social media has gained across the globe within the past decade, creating social content is the best way to get to the eyes of your target audience. Even when blogging, focus is in creating content that people will want to share w..